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Dear Researchers, Professionals, Scientists, and Engineers

We invite you to submit a manuscript of the latest research results to be published in the Jurnal Sistim Informasi dan Teknologi (JSISFOTEK). JSISFOTEK received of manuscripts from various countries in the world that have high-quality on all topics related to fields of Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Decision Support Systems in Computer Information Systems, Mobile Technology, Mobile Applications, Human-Computer Interaction, Information and/or Technology Management, Organizational Behavior & Culture, Data Management, Data Mining, Database Design and Development, E-Commerce Technology and Issues in computer information systems, Computer systems enterprise architecture, enterprise resource planning, Ethical and Legal Issues of IT, Health Informatics, Information Assurance and Security-Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics, IT Project Management, Knowledge Management in computer information systems, Networks and/or Telecommunications, Systems Analysis, Design, and/or Implementation, Web Programming and Development, Curriculum Issues, Instructional Issues, Capstone Courses, Specialized Curriculum Accreditation and E-Learning Technologies, Analytics, Future.

First published for Volume 1 in 2019. Publishing schedule with a frequency of 4 times a year, March, June, September, and December.

Papers must be written in Indonesia and follow Author Guidelines for the initial review stage by editors and further review process by reviewers. Please see Author's Guidelines here

Deadlines for papers submission:

Please submit your paper through ONLINE SUBMISSION

If there are any problems, please send your manuscript to email:

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JSISFOTEK Editorial Team
ISSN: 2686-3154